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How True can save your chain of restaurants time and money

It’s more important now than ever that your chain of restaurants consider ways to save time and money.

From optimising productivity and choosing energy efficient equipment, to reducing downtime and becoming a more sustainable business, there are lots of ways that your restaurants and their teams can help boost profitability, while increasing efficiency.

We explore more on these methods and reveal how True Refrigeration can help below.

Upgrading to more sustainable equipment

As sustainability and energy efficiency continue to be a priority for many businesses around the world, upgrading your kitchen and bar equipment can help you save money on your bills, as well as take positive steps towards your sustainability goals.

At True Refrigeration, we help our customers to be kinder to the planet with our energy efficient and sustainable products. Our product range is amongst the most energy efficient in the commercial refrigeration market, helping you to reduce your energy usage.

We’ve also launched an energy cost calculator, which will enable you to compare expenditure and the environmental impact of refrigeration units in your chain of restaurants.

Try our calculator to see how much you could save

Considering the long-term costs

While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest equipment available, this often isn’t the most cost-effective solution overall.

Although you may assume you will be saving money in the short term, the added cost of operating and maintaining budgets with less energy-efficient equipment can very quickly put you back in the red.

Also known as value engineering, where a cheaper product of supposed equivalent functionality is chosen when compared against other units, the cheaper option is often not built to perform or last.

That’s why it’s important to consider the total life cost of a commercial refrigeration unit, including its energy efficiency and quality of materials, rather than just using cost as a deciding factor.

Maintaining equipment to reduce downtime

Keeping on top of your equipment to ensure it performs at its best is another way to save money. Not only will it help reduce your downtime, but it will also minimise the need to pay for expensive replacements.

When you buy from True, you can have peace of mind that our commercial refrigeration comes with a five-year industry-leading warranty, which protects owners against any material or mechanical defects, and includes parts and labour.

If something does go wrong with your unit, we work hard to get it back up and running as quickly as possible, so that your restaurant staff and customers aren’t impacted.

However, this doesn’t mean that no maintenance is required. Operators should put in place a routine maintenance procedure for all their kitchen equipment, or consider an engineer service plan.

Think of your kitchen equipment like your car or boiler at home. Like these, it’s something you depend on and wouldn’t be happy if it didn’t work when you needed it to. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to reduce this risk.

Maximising space in your kitchen and bar

Having enough prep space, both in your kitchen and front of house, is essential for improving your productivity. Although, we understand this can be difficult if your chain of restaurants is restricted by the amount of floor space on offer.

Considering commercial refrigeration with built-in prep surfaces, as well as storage, doors and drawers, could be the solution. For example, True’s TCR undercounters maximise your usable space with a high-capacity chilled or freezer cabinet option that has a comparably small footprint.

Alternatively, our TRCB units sit directly under grills and griddles, providing chefs with instant access to refrigerated storage at the point of cooking, making the most of the available space.

Prepping ingredients in advance

As you’ll already be aware, one of the best ways to save time in your chain of restaurants is to ensure your kitchen staff are prepping ingredients in advance and storing them correctly. Not only will this make things quicker and easier, but it will help reduce food waste too.

It’s also important that these prepped ingredients are kept as fresh as possible by storing them at the appropriate temperatures.

At True, our TSSU prep tables provide configurable pan space which can be customised to accommodate a combination of pan sizes, tailored to your operation. The insulated flat lid covers can be closed outside of busy periods to preserve your ingredients and lock in freshness, while the large capacity refrigerated storage offers easy replenishment.

To keep ingredients fresh, TGN’s feature digital control for state-of-the-art temperature precision, and an environmentally friendly R290 hydrocarbon system.

How True has helped other restaurants

We’ve helped restaurant chains around the world to keep their food fresh, meet their environmental objectives and ensure waste is kept to a minimum. Our solution also improved productivity in their kitchens.

Learn more below on how our products can streamline processes in your chain of restaurants.

Get more inspiration for your restaurant

Improve operations in your chain of restaurants

If you’re looking to improve efficiencies and save time and money in your restaurants, our friendly team can advise you on the best commercial refrigeration solutions for your needs and requirements.

Whether you want to improve energy efficiency and sustainability, or need to increase productivity, we’re on hand to help your business.

Get in touch today to find out more about our product range or visit our Energy Cost Calculator to see what you could save by switching your equipment to True Refrigeration’s.

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