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As customers focus more and more on the environmental impact of their operations; True shares in this common goal, producing an energy efficient and sustainable product.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

True has always taken the impact refrigeration has on the climate seriously. We recognise that it is our responsibility to encourage and support our customers in selecting refrigeration products that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Commercial Refrigeration Legislation

Like all things, the use of Commercial Refrigeration in your business has an impact on the environment. How big of an impact depends on the type, age, brand and condition of the equipment.

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The Need for Change

Many business activities cause the emission of greenhouse gases. Be it the use of electricity in operating equipment and lighting, gas for heating premises, or fuel used in transport. These forms of energy are often generated by burning natural gas, coal, and oil, which is harmful to the environment.

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Our Energy Cost Calculator can help you compare expenditure and the environmental impact of commercial refrigeration

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